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  • Bonne Terre Mine Trip!  Jan 14-16, 2022

Bonne Terre Mine Trip! Jan 14-16, 2022

Join us on for a truly unique Midwestern dive trip....Bonne Terre Mine!

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If you haven't been to the Bonne Terre should go, at least once!  This is such an unique get to explore a vast underground lead mine that stretches out underneath 8 different townships!  This mine is so HUGE that you can take pontoon boat tours through it!  

But our main focus will be to go dive it...and with the water temperatures stable at 58-60 degrees year round, and gin-clear water, Bonne Terre offers a unique opportunity to dive "locally" even in the middle of winter.  This is NOT cavern or cave diving...the mine is only partially filled with water so you will be in open water for the majority of the dives.

Our trip will includes 2 nights hotel stay, and 2 days of diving.  On Saturday we will be doing 3 dives, and Sunday we will be doing 2 dives.  Like many of our trips, this trip will fill up SUPER fast...please call or stop by to sign up as soon as you can!!

$595 per diver, based on double occupancy

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