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Lake Michigan Charters

New to Great Lakes wreck diving? Consider joining us on one of our charter dives to explore the many shipwrecks in our backyard. There are charter options for everyone from beginners to Tech divers. 

Check out a recent dive on the Wille and Dredge! The viz is great. 

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information


Current Charter Schedule

July 5th, 8:00am - Milwaukee/Willie (2 tank dive)

July 23rd, 5:30pm - Willie (1 tank dive)

June 27th, 1:00pm - Willie/Dredge (2 tank dive)

Aug 16th, 8:00am - Milwaukee/Willie (2 tank dive)

Sept. 5th, 8:00am - Willie/Dredge (2 tank dive)

Sept. 6th, 1:00pm - Milwaukee (2 tank dive)



2-Tank Recreational Charter (Max of 1 hour bottome time per diver) = $130 / diver
1-Tank Weekday Charter = $100/diver


Come join us aboard the Alma with Captain Bob of Action Dive Charters. 
Meet at Jerry's Dock - 318 S. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI.
Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure time!

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