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  • Lake Michigan Charters

Lake Michigan Charters

Join us aboard the Molly V with Captain Jitka of Shipwreck Explorers this summer to expore our local shipwrecks in Lake Michigan!  We have setup a variety of  charter dives, so come join us in exploring these historical shipwrecks!

Charters will meet at McKinely Marina in Milwaukee unless otherwise specified.

Please fill out both waivers below prior to the charter. 

*Advanced Open Water Certification is required unless specified. 

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Equipment Needed

The charter does not provide any gear, it is merely our taxi service out to the shipwrecks. Please plan ahead if you need to rent any gear. Cold-water gear is absolutley required. Below is a list of required gear. 

  • 7mm wetsuit, semi-dry wetsuit or drysuit. 
  • Requlater with alternate air source rated for cold water.
  • Computer, depth guage, pressure guage and timing device.
  • 1-2 tanks depending on charter and weights
  • Hood, boots, and gloves
  • Signal marker buoy and light


Milwaukee/Port Washington Shipwreck Information

Gillen Tug – Steel tug boat which sank in 1981.  Today is rests in about 70 feet of water, upright & intact.  A smaller wreck, but a fun dive with some penetration possibilities for experienced wreck divers.

Dredge #6 Large dredging barge which sank in 1956.  Today it is sitting upside down in 35-70ft, while being suspended off the bottom by her boom.  Ranging in depths of 35-70 feet, this wreck offers easy swim-throughs, and a lot of areas to explore.  A true favorite of new and experienced divers.

Prins Willem V – Milwaukee’s most popular shipwreck!  This 258 ft ocean going steel freighter sank in October of 1954.  Despite several attempts to raise “the Willie”, she rests in about 90 feet of water with the top of the ship coming within 55 feet of the surface.  A great wreck for new and experienced divers, offering many swim-throughs, and penetration options.

Carferry Milwaukee – 338ft steel car ferry which sank in October of 1929.  Loaded with 27 box cars and up to 52 crew, this vessel sank in about 130 feet of water just off Fox Point.  This is one of Milwaukee’s most popular shipwrecks as there is so much to explore!

Northerner – a beautiful 2-masted schooner which sank in 1868 off Port Washington.  This wreck sits in about 130 feet of water with the deck rising up to 120 feet.  This schooner is sitting upright and very intact which a unique carved figurehead underneath the bowsprit.

Caisson – a very large caisson dumped in Lake that is 80 feet in diameter, and it’s depths range from 100ft-150ft.  A very unique dive!




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