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  • Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving


Join the Underwater Connection to celebrate the Fall diving season with some Underwater Pumpkin Carving and a chance to share your favorite chili recipe with other divers. This is a fun event for divers of all experience levels, and wonderful way to socialize with your fellow divers. PLUS we will be holding a RAFFLE after the pumpkin carving, where divers can win some great PRIZES!

Where: Fox Brook Park Beach House in Brookfield, WI

For Non-Divers, be sure to click the "Additional Dates" button below to expand that option.


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Availability: Contact us for booking information

Underwater Pumpkin Carving & Chili Picnic 

Sunday, October 29th, 2023


$20 per diver to participate in the event (when you sign up before Oct 20)
$5 for non-divers
Children under 10 years old are FREE!


What time is the Picnic?
9am - Gear Setup/Chili Drop off
10am - Underwater Pumpkin Carving - Time to Dive!
11am - Chili Picnic - Time to Eat!
Noon - Raffle off the Prizes!

If you sign up before October 20th, the cost is $20 per diver.
If you sign up October 11th or later, the admission fee is $30. 

How do I enter the RAFFLE?
Only divers (who are actually diving that day) are eligible for the raffle. 
If you carve a pumpkin underwater, you will earn ONE Raffle Ticket. 
If you bring a crockpot of chili to share, you will earn a SECOND Raffle Ticket. 
If you earned a PADI or DAN certification with The Underwater Connection in 2022 you can earn a THIRD Raffle Ticket (Please bring your c-card for proof)

Other FAQs


Do I need to bring a dive buddy?
No! We will find you a dive buddy at the picnic if you don't have one. 

Do I need to bring my dive equipment?
Yes. If you need to rent equipment please be sure to reserve your equipment well in advance as well often run out of rent gear for events like this one. And if you are a NEW diver (certified in the past 12 months) we have a special for YOU! $45 for a full setup! (BCD, one tank, weights, wetsuits, gloves, hood, regulator and computer)

Will there be a place to change?
Yes! We have rented the beach house so we will have full access to bathrooms with changing areas and showers.

Do I need to bring my own pumpkin?
Yes...Please bring your own pumpkin. We highly suggest you empty the pumpking of the "guts" and seeds prior to arriving at the Lake. 

What do I carve my pumpkin with?
That's up to you...but to make it more challenging, we suggest trying to carve your pumpkin with your dive knife!

I'm not a diver, can I still attend?
Absolutely!  The more the merrier! It is $5 for non-divers and children under 10 years old are free. There is a playground near the beach for kids!

Do I need to bring bowls, spoons for the chili?
Nope! The Underwater Connection will supply the bowls, spoons & beverages. But please be sure to bring a serving spoon for your chili!

Will there be any other food there?
Yes. The Underwater Connection will supply beverages and other items that will compliment the chili. 

Do I need to bring an extension cord for my crockpot?
Yes please! There are a limited number of outets in the Beach House, so extension cords will be essential!

Do I need to bring beverages?
No. The Underwater Connection will supply water, coffee & soda for everyone. 

Can I bring alcoholic beverages?
Yes. We just ask that you save the alcoholic drinks for AFTER the dive. 

Do I need to be present to win a prize at the Raffle?
Yes, you do need to be present at the Underwater Pumpkin Carving & Chili Picnic in order to claim your prize. 

Can I give my raffle ticket to someone else if I canot attend?
Unfortunatley are not transferable. 


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