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FAQS - PADI Divemaster Course

  • Do I have to do all my course work with the same Instructor?
    No, that's the advantage of taking the Divemaster course with us. Since we have classes of varying levels going on all the time, it is easy to find a class with which to assist, open water training dives to lead and local dives with which to help. Plus, you get different perspectives from different Instructors on their method of teaching a particular class to help round out your knowledge and judgement.
  • How long does the Divemaster course take to complete?
    We have seen Divemaster candidates complete all the requirements in as little as 30 days, but that doesn't mean everyone needs to do that. On average, the typical Divemaster candidate completes all the course requirements in 6-9 months, depending on their schedule.
  • Are there any renewal requirements?
    Yes, once you are certified as a PADI Divemaster, you are considered a "PADI Member" and must renew every year and show proof of liability insurance in order to be kept in Teaching Status. Without renewing or without liability insurance, you are not in Teaching Status, and cannot conduct nor assist with any scuba training.
  • How do I get liability insurance?
    There are a number of insurance companies that offer liability insurance to dive professionals. When you receive your credentials as a certified Divemaster, included will be insurance information.
  • Once I am certified as a PADI Divemaster, am I eligible to teach any courses?
    Yes, certified and insured Divemasters can teach the following courses:
    • Skin Diver Course
    • Scuba Review/ReActivate
    • Discover Local Diving
    • Discover Scuba (If qualified)
    • Emergency First Response (If certified as an EFR Instructor)