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FAQS - Miscellaneous


  • I'd like to come into the pool with a class just to try out some gear, or get comfortable before I go on my trip...can I join you?

Yes, if you'd like to join us for some pool time, we do have limited availability, depending on which pool we are using. Sometimes our pools are quite full with beginning students, Discover Scuba participants, and scuba refresher students. The best suggestion is to call the store where you want to join in the pool, and ask if there would be space. To help offset the cost of the pool, there is a $20 per person charge. This assumes you are self-sufficient and don't require any assistance from the staff at the pool.  Any rental gear, including tanks and weights, would be extra.


  • How can I replace my PADI certification card?

Go to the PADI website HERE and get your replacement card online

                     (you can choose between getting a physical certification card, like a driver's license, or you can select an e-card)