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Lemon GrenAIDE Enzymatic Cleaner - 8oz

Lemon GrenAIDE Enzymatic Cleaner - 8oz


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Part Number:003-005 Manufacturer: SEASOFT

SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleaner for wetsuits, BCs & personal gear!


Why should you buy SEASOFT's Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleanser?


Because you know what you sometimes do in your wetsuit!  ... and sometimes the odor can be strong enough to knock a bird out of the air.

This is where cleaners with enzymes and special detergents and top-secret ingredients come into our lives and save us!

SEASOFT’s Lemon GrenAIDE™ is the newest and most amazing entry into this fight to save our noses and our sanity!  It is an enzymatic cleaner that not only kills the most foul odors, it cleans; and then when it’s finished it leaves behind a pleasing real lemon fragrance.


Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleaner leaves that luscious fragrance behind because the “secret formula” is 15% REAL lemon juice!  Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial.

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