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Chris Killey

Chris Killey

As a teenager I was interested in swimming and the underwater world. My father would tell me stories of his SCUBA adventures and I wanted an activity that we could share. I completed my Open Water course in late November 1995 at the Racine Quarry. It was cold blustery day. There was snow on the ground but the water was still open. I was hooked! That began what would eventually turn into a lifelong thirst for the next diving challenge.


I was able to merge my desire to SCUBA dive with my full time job in Law Enforcement and became a Public Safety Diver in 2003. Since then I've continued in my diving education which eventually lead me to the use of Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR). I now enjoy diving to the depths allowed by the use of CCR technology and helium mixed breathing gases.


The underwater world is one of the few remaining places that each of us can be an explorer. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but to personally experience the wonder that is the underwater world is truly awesome! Below I've listed some of my teaching and diving credentials. If you're ready to explore, come join us! We'll make sure you have plenty of fun and excitement along the way!


Instructor Credentials:
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Open Water
Advanced Open Water
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Search and Recovery
Full Face Mask
Public Safety Diving Instructor
Underwater Navigation
Emergency First Response (CPR/AED/First Aid-Infant/Child/Adult)


Public Safety and Technical Diving Credentials:
Dive Rescue Specialist
Underwater Rigging/Salvage
Public Safety Diving Boat Based Operations
Inspiration/Evolution Rebreather
Revo Rebreather
Trimix Closed Circuit Rebreather
Advanced Nitrox


Equipment Service Credentials:
Visual Inspection Procedures
Oxygen Equipment Service Technician
Interspiro (AGA) Full Face Mask Technician


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