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Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes

Certified since: 1994
Highest Certification Level: PADI IDC Staff Instructor/TDI Adv. Trimix Instructor
Instructor Since: 1996

In 1986, the Underwater Connection offered a Discover Scuba Experience at North Middle School in Menomonee Falls and I took them up on that offer. Those few minutes in the pool had me hooked. I didn't know how, or when, or in what capacity scuba diving would be a part of my life, but I knew it would be a BIG part of my life. Since then I have had the great privilege to train over 1000 divers, travel to wonderful exotic locations, explore some incredible shipwrecks, and make some great friends along the way. As a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, and a TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor, I get the opportunity to train divers in a wide range of courses, but nothing compares with introducing someone to the underwater world for the first time with the Discover Scuba Experience. It certainly had a big impact on me!


Certified since: 1994
Highest Certification Level: PADI IDC Staff Instructor/ TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
Instructor Since: 1996


PADI Instructor Specialties:
__x__ Boat
__x__ Deep
__x__ Drysuit
__x__ Enriched Air Nitrox
__x__ Ice
__x__ Drift
__x__ Wreck
__x__ Night
__x__ U/W Navigation
__x__ U/W Photographer
__x__ U/W Videographer
__x__ Search & Recovery
__x__ DPV
__x__ Emergency First Response
__x__ DAN O2 Provider course
__x__ DAN Hazardous Marine Life
__x__ Peak Performance Buoyancy
__x__ Equipment Specialist
__x__ Digital Underwater Photography
__x__ AWARE Coral Reef Conservation
__x__ Atlantis/Dolphin Rebreather
__x__ DraegerRay Rebreather
__x__ TecRec Gas Blender Instructor
__x__ TecRec Trimix Blender Instructor
__x__ Fish ID


SDI/TDI Instructor Ratings
__x__ Nitrox Gas Blending
__x__ Advanced Gas Blending
__x__ Decompression Procedures
__x__ Advanced Nitrox
__x__ Solo Diving
__x__ Trimix Instructor
__x__ Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor
__x__ Equipment Oxygen Service Technician
__x__ Shore & Beach Diving
__x__ Marine EcoSystems Awareness
__x__ Limited Visibility Diving
__x__ Boat Diving
__x__ Computer Diving
__x__ Computer Nitrox Diving
__x__ Deep Diving
__x__ Diver Propulsion Vehicle
__x__ Draeger Dolphin SCR
__x__ Drift Diving
__x__ Equipment Specialist
__x__ Ice Diving
__x__ Nitrox
__x__ Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor
__x__ Search & Recovery
__x__ Underwater Photography
__x__ Underwater Video


Equipment repair certifications that I have:
PSI Visual Cylinder Inspector, SDI Visual Inspection Procedures, Aqualung, Scubapro, Dacor, Poseidon, Sherwood, Zeagle, Interspiro (AGA Mask)
Favorite types of diving: Shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes, especially wooden schooners!
Favorite diving location:  Local: Whitefish Point, MI and Isle Royale
Tropical: Bonaire or Philippines....tough call on that one.
Full-time Employer: Underwater Connection
E-mail address: