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  • Isle Royale - Aug 10-16, 2024

Isle Royale - Aug 10-16, 2024

Join us for a breath-taking expedition to Isle Royale in Lake Superior!

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Isle Royale....divers who have been there before will grin ear to ear when they hear its name.  Positioned in the northwest corner of Lake Superior, this National Park offers some of the most incredible shipwreck diving in the Great Lakes.  On top of that, the scenery, the wildlife, and the entire experience will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Going to Isle Royale is a little different than most local trips...this is true expedition!  After driving up to Grand Portage, Minnesota...just minutes from the Canadian border...we will pack our dive gear and other essentials on our new home for the week, the Discovery.  This custom built dive boat is 42 feet long, and will be our home out on the water while we navigate to, from and around Isle Royale.  You will have choice to sleep on the bunks in the boat, or you can also venture onto the island and sleep in one of the many cabins/shelters offered by the National Park.  Our Captain will prepare all our meals for us while we are on the boat, and trust me.... you won't be disappointed, and you definitely won't be going hungry!


The shipwrecks around Isle Royale are simply breathtaking.  No zebra or quagga mussels to cover up any of the details, and with the clear waters of Lake Superior there is just so much to see.  Depth will range from about 5 ft (the bow of the America) to well over 200ft (Emperor Stern), but the majority of the wrecks are well within the recreational limits.  If you like underwater photography or video this is a great trip for you!  Depending on the weather, we will average about 2-3 dives/day on the water.

Nitrox, argon and airfills are available on the boat.  Drysuits & pony bottles are highly recommended, but not required.


While we are still waiting for the final pricing on this trip, you can secure your spot with a $100 deposit.  When we get the final pricing you will have the option to pay the balance in full, or backout of the trip.  There are only 6 spots on this trip, so you definitely do NOT want to procrastinate!  Stop by or call us TODAY!

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