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Tropical Dive Trips

Bonaire - Sept. 28 - Oct 2019 Why September/October? As of March 18th, we only have 4 spots left on this trip... Well, after talking to several of our friends who live on Bonaire, they suggested we come back in late September/early October as it is their favorite time on the island. The island is much quieter with fewer tourists, and fewer ... Find Out More

Belize! Nov 30 - Dec 7, 2019 Don't let winter get you down, come join us as we escape to Caribbean, just as things start to get chilly around here. If you are looking for fun, sun, and great diving, then Belize is the place for YOU! We will be staying at Ramon's Village, on the island of Ambergris Caye, a 25 mile long island, surro... Find Out More

Tubbataha Mar 28-Apr 4, 2020 Imagine yourself surrounded by pristine hard corals as far as the eyes can see, thousands and thousands of reef fish, cruising sharks and rays, swimming turtles and drop offs into oblivion. Find Out More

Truk Lagoon Feb - March 2021 The time has come for us to return to one of our absolute FAVORITE destinations... TRUK LAGOON (Chuuk), A wreck diver's paradise! Truk Lagoon, or Chuuk, is where Operation Hailstone took place in WWII. The Allied Forces decimated the Japanese forces that were hidden in this remote group of atolls. Today, we ha... Find Out More