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Tech Diving

TDI/SDI Technical Diving Courses

Advanced Nitrox The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for utilizing EANx21 through EANx100 for dives not requiring staged decompression (Decompression techniques may be combined with this course). The TDI Advanced Nitrox Program is not for everyone....we do not accept all ca... Find Out More

Decompression Procedures The objective of this course is to train divers how to plan and conduct a standard staged decompression dive not exceeding a maximum depth of 150 feet. The most common equipment requirements, gear setups, decompression techniques and decompression mixtures (including oxygen and nitrox) are presented. Find Out More

Solo Diver We realize that many divers dive by themselves, but this in no way makes them "solo divers". They are neither trained nor knowledgable in the hazards to which they may be exposing themselves. The SDI Solo Diving course examines the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for planning and conducting solo dive... Find Out More

Tri-Mix Course Minimum certification level of Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures (or equivalent), 18 years old or older, 100 logged dives. Find Out More

DSAT Technical Diving Courses

Tec 40 The entry point into the technical range provides a transition from recreational to tech. The diver is qualified to complete up to 10 minutes of non-accelerated decompression while breathing from one deco cylinder of up to EANx50, Find Out More

Tec 45 The diver now wears the full standardized tech rig, plus one deco cylinder. The diver is qualified to complete accelerated decompression dives using any mix of EANx or oxygen. Find Out More

Tec 50 This qualification represents a high level of competency for a technical diver. The diver is qualified to use up to two deco cylinders utilizing air, EANx, and/or oxygen to make extended, accelerated decompression dives. Find Out More

Tec Trimix 65 A new intermediate certification between Tec 50 and Tec Trimix Diver. The diver is qualified to make multi-stop trimix decompression dives using EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression. Divers use 18% or more oxygen as a bottom gas. Find Out More

Tec Trimix Diver A Tec Trimix diver is qualified to use air, EANx, oxygen and trimix for multiple stop decompression dives using two or more decompression gases (EANx and/or oxygen) to accelerate or add conservatism to decompression. Find Out More