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Tropical Dive Trips

Bonaire - December 3-17, 2022 Come find out why Bonaire is our most popular tropical dive destination!  Great weather, incredible diving and amazing people!  This is a dive trip you won't forget... Find Out More

Back to Bonaire - January 14-21, 2023 Come join us as we escape the harsh Wisconsin winter, and head back to wonderful tropical island of Bonaire!  This the perfect trip for divers of all skill levels, as Bonaire offers some of the EASIEST diving around.  Find Out More

Cozumel Trip, February 25 - March 4, 2023  Come see why Cozumel has become one of our favorite tropical destinations! Find Out More

Grenada - March 18-25, 2023  Join us as we return to the amazing island of Grenada!  Known as the Spice Island, this beautiful island offers so much to see and do ABOVE & BELOW the water!  Waterfalls, nutmeg plantations, shipwrecks, river tubing, underwater sculptures, historic forts, locally made chocolate, and more! Find Out More

Local Diving Adventures

Wet Wednesdays Fun Dives  New to diving?  Can't find a buddy? Just want to get out an dive and hang with other local divers? Come join us on our Wet Wednesday & other fun dives to explore some of our local lakes. No teaching or instructing, just plain ole' diving for FUN!  Click below, stop by or call today t... Find Out More

Isle Royale - Aug 10-16, 2024 Join us for a breath-taking expedition to Isle Royale in Lake Superior! Find Out More