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Tropical Dive Trips

Back to Bonaire! Sept 26 - Oct 4, 2020 Why go to Bonaire in Sept/Oct? The island is much quieter with fewer cruise boats and fewer tourists.  This means that it is easier to get in to our favorite restaurants, and the dive sites are much less crowded.  Not to mention the water is SO WARM this time of year!!   Find Out More

Truk Lagoon Feb 27- March 6, 2021 The time has come for us to return to one of our absolute FAVORITE destinations... TRUK LAGOON (Chuuk), A wreck diver's paradise! Truk Lagoon, or Chuuk, is where Operation Hailstone took place in WWII. The Allied Forces decimated the Japanese forces that were hidden in this remote group of atolls. Today, we ha... Find Out More

Tubbataha Feb 20-Mar 5, 2022 Imagine yourself surrounded by pristine hard corals as far as the eyes can see, thousands and thousands of reef fish, cruising sharks and rays, swimming turtles and drop offs into oblivion. Find Out More

Local Diving Adventures

Fortune Pond July 31st When it is the middle of summer and you are craving a refreshing dive in clear water...there is no better place than Fortune Pond. This small quarry nestled just west of Crystal Falls, MI, boasts 100 feet visibility year round, with exceptionally easy shore entries. Join us as we spend the day diving up at Fortune Pond... Find Out More

Munising Bay July 31-Aug 2 Join us for a fun-filled weekend on the southern shores of Lake Superior! July 31st- August 2nd, we will be in Munising, Michigan - our MOST POPULAR local trip destination!  Find Out More

Lake Michigan Charters New to Great Lakes wreck diving? Consider joining us on one of our charter dives to explore the many shipwrecks in our backyard. There are charter options for everyone from beginners to Tech divers.  Check out a recent dive on the Wille and Dredge! The viz is great.  ... Find Out More

Wet Wednesdays New to diving?  Can't find a buddy? Just want to get out an dive and hang with other local divers? Come join us on our Wet Wednesday fun dives and explore some of our local lakes. No teaching or instructing, just plain ole' diving for FUN!  Click below, stop by or call today to reserve your sp... Find Out More